The Star Individuality Foundation values our recipients identity. Therefore only reveals their picture and last name if the recipient wishes to do so. All testimonials are written voluntarily by the recipients. Please find the testimonials bellow. 

" The Star Individuality Foundation has done what no one ever really tried to sucessfully do for me. They believed in me, and my passion. They understood my drive and dedication to football. And for the first time in me life someone pulled through for me. Recently my family has been going through some struggles. These struggles have come between me and my football I was not able to go onto the team that I wanted or train as hard as I wanted because of the problems my family has faced. Star individuality not only believed and understood me they really helped me. I'm proud to say I am now training as much as I want and need to be and that I am able to be on the team I dreamed of being on. I am so lucky to have gotten the star individuality scholarship and I am so thankful for their support and dedication to believing in me, and bring light into my dark life. Thank you a million. I love you. I owe you everything you made me feel like me again and you made me proud to be myself. Thank you!" Michael P. Age 15, Missouri.  

"For the longest time I had a dream to be an artist. But I never had anyone to believe in me or my dream of becoming an artist. I knew that I could do it but that lack of support kept me from my dream for years. Finally after years of hoping and dreaming with the support of Star Individuality I was able to be enrolled into a local yet prestigious art school. It feels so good to be following my dreams but also to know that I'm slowly accomplishing my goals. All this is because of Star Individuality. I cannot bring to words how much I appreciate their support in allowing me to finally be on the road of being an artist." Anne R. Age 17, West Virginia. 

 " Ballet has been my life. It's everything I've ever wanted. But coming from a family of tennis players they didn't consider ballet to be a sport so they refused to fund me learning it or participate in it because they told me to be a real athlete and to do tennis like the rest of my family. Then being a boy also has caused me so much bullying and put downs for just being passionate about ballet. Stumbling across Star Individuality and what they do I thought I'd give it a shot. I did not have anything to loose since I was never able to participate in ballet. I was so shocked when I got a call saying that Austiage wanted to support me with this dream. I was also so shocked when she offered me so many tactics, and strategies to deal with overcoming the bullying I had dealt with in the past. Star Individuality gave me not only my dream and passion of learning the art and sport of ballet but Austiage also gave me confidence. By being given the oportunity to participate in ballet I was finally able to show my family that ballet is my passion that it is a sport and art at the same time. I finally have the support of my family and I still can't believe she did this for me!" Robert I. Age 13, Florida.