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Intuitive Artistry By Natasha Leibel

Blog by Austiage | May 31st, 2017

When I went to hair school 20 plus years back, I had no idea the type of life and education this industry would give me. I knew it was about being creative and being with creative people. But had no idea of all the life lessons, education and psychology it would entail.

I have been asked over the years to write about doing hair and makeup and have a lot to say on the subject. However speaking about the industry really can't go without mentioning the energy you bring to a client. We provide a service. But that is only 50% of the equation. The other 50 is the importancy in how we make people feel in our presence. The first few moments with someone are very telling and it is up to me to figure out not only what the needs of my client are from a professional standpoint but also what they may need emotionally from this down time. Because we physically touch people in our profession, we carry a responsibility. With human touch, people open themselves up and become vulnerable. It is our job as professionals to nurture and protect that as best we can in our time together. I define my own successes not only in how I have made someone look, but ultimately on how I have made them feel.

We are busy humans. Busier than ever. Whether it be a celebrity or a overwhelmed parent, sometimes the only downtime one gets is when they are sleeping or getting their hair/makeup done. A huge part of our job is to read what that downtime means to the client. Sometimes it just means listening. Sometimes it means guidance or laughter. And other times it just means quiet. Clients can have some of their best snoozes or realizations in your presence. It is our job to diagnose and deliver. We are in the business of making people feel great. That is why I do what I do. If you get into the beauty industry it's imperative to know you are entering an industry of giving. And your intuition is the key to your success. It separates the successful from the mediocre in this line of work. However, I have learnt that being a great listener and trusting my intuitive gut are muscles that need to be worked on to be strong. When entering this world of hair/makeup be sure to exercise those skills as much as cutting layers or doing a cat eye. It will be sure to take your career and life in a beautiful direction.

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