Untitled1.pngAustiage Patricia: Founder & CEO, who simply goes by Austiage, is best known for her uplifting smile, contagious laugh, and ability to solve almost every problem by finding the light in dark situation. Most people underestimate Austiage because of her age, but do not be fooled by a simple number: She is engaging, dedicated, focused, and hard working far beyond her years—all this while being an energetic, exciting, and humorous presence.

Austiage knows 7 languages, allowing her to communicate with most people she meets. After she graduated high school she decided to take some time off to grow, learn, and broaden her horizons. She traveled all over the country and the world, using her knowledge of languages she started conversations with people, and she realized we all have the same problems, concerns, and worries—regardless of age, race, income, color, gender, everything. We are more alike than we are different. Coming back with a new perspective, Austiage wanted to take her new knowledge and put it to good use.

She launched Star Individuality, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the upcoming generation growing up with a strong sense of individuality through self-expression, creativity, and motion. The foundation represents Austiage’s passions and experience as an artist and an elite athlete. In 2015 Austiage was delighted to announce that she and her organization were launching the Star Individuality Scholarship to give everyone an equal opportunity to find and embrace their individuality. Austiage has been blessed with the opportunity to learn so much about different aspects of life, but she knows the power and importance of sharing her wisdom with others.
Untitled1.pngStuart M. Fishkin: CPA,  Stuart gained extensive senior finance experience while working at Marriott Corporation, Manor Care, Choice Hotels, Nasdaq Stock Market, Tarmac plc and WorldSpace Satellite Radio. Stuart was Tax Manager with Marriott, Tax Director with NASDAQ, VP of Tax & Treasury with Coventry Healthcare and SVP Finance & Treasurer with WorldSpace Satellite Radio. He was also Treasurer of several public corporations. Stuart was a key architect in a successful $250 million IPO. He has personally managed contentious tax audits and brought them to satisfactory conclusions.

In 2010 Stuart started his own CPA firm and is now retained by numerous businesses, professionals and individual clients who require one-on-one, in-depth expertise of accounting and tax matters. Stuart provides financial and tax advisory services to businesses and individuals. He has many clients who are undergoing tax audits, have unfiled tax returns, owe back taxes or have issues related to divorce and marital status. Other clients include wealthy professionals who require frequent tax estimate updates, budgets, accounting, financial planning, and assistance with retirement and estate planning matters.

CPA, MBA, BBA, Bernard Baruch College of the City University of New York, Member AICPA