Austiage Patricia Austiage 


Austiage is the founder and chief executive officer of the Star Individuality Foundation, a movement dedicated to the empowerment of artists and athletes. Austiage launched Star Individuality in 2014 after retiring from her fencing career when she realized the power that both the arts and athletics have when it comes to someone aiding in the development of one's identity. 

Austiage herself serves as an advocate for both artists and athletes alike in a range of issues surrounding both industries. Through her work with Star Individuality Austiage has changed the way people view the importance of individuality through creating authentic conversations and providing unbiased platform to give  artists and athletes an equal platform to launch their careers. 

Austiage is also involved in many other philanthropic causes, she is currently an active supporter of UNICEF Next Gen, Guggenheim Young Collectors, the Kreeger, Kennedy Center, National MS Society, American Heart Association, The Humane Society, and Black Jaguar White Tiger. 

Austiage currently runs the Star Individuality Foundation full time, studies at American University,and is a published author.