The Star Individuality Foundation helps the upcoming generation tackle the question that comes after the statement "Just be yourself" which is often "Who am I?" through self-expression. The Star Individuality Foundation identifies the future generation of artists and athletes and gives them the tools to help them begin and establish their careers.  

Founder and CEO Austiage along with a dedicated team, began The Star Individuality Foundation in 2014. The main focus of Star Individuality is an application-based scholarship that supports the careers of emerging talents. An independent board reviews the applications and determines the most eligible artists and athletes for scholarships. Winners of the scholarships are eligible for monumental cash prizes, a support system, and distinctive platform to establish their careers in an increasingly competitive environment.

Moreover, Star Individuality scholarship winners receive opportunities to meet and connect with Star Individuality board members, council members, and major sustainers which provides them the opportunity to connect with established artists, athletes, and enthusiasts through unique events hosted by Star Individuality. 

Star Individuality scholarship winners have gone on to attend prestigious institutions and universities such as Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, Colombia University Visual arts, Yale University Fine Arts, Clemson University Athletics, New School, Parsons Fashion Design, AJAX Youth Academy, La Masia Youth Soccer Academy, IMG Academy, and US Football Academy.