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No Money No Problem

Blog by Austiage | March 31st, 2015

Hi, you radiant star individuality! 

Since we just launched our online donations. I just wanted to take the time to say that money is not the only way in which you can support us. No money, no problem. You can still make a huge impact in many other waIt's Its all just a click away like, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The support and power you have through connecting with us through social media is so important to us, and we cherish every single one of our followers, likes, shares. Having positive interaction with each other is everything. So instead of thinking that just because you are unable to us, do not think that this means you are not helpful to our organization. Spread the word about the importance of individuality, confidence, creativity and motion. Post a picture of you being creative and label it #StarIndividuality. Share your stories, socialize, tell us about what you're doing to unleash your inner star individuality. There are so many ways that you can show support that have nothing to do with donating money. We appreciate every single form of support from donations, to social media support, to communication interactions. It all will allow us to grow, and when we grow, so does everyone who has supported us. Remember no donation is every too small, and any and every type of support is forever appreciated. 

All the best,
Star Individuality