About the Foundation

The Star Individuality Foundation began with nothing but the pure intention of wanting everyone to get to experience the amazing feeling of being your true self and loving yourself for who you are. 

Our founder having grown up in a time where she was always being told to "Just be yourself." Then right after having been judged for being herself she understood that the primary reason for the upcoming generation to lack of confidence is because they are utterly confused with who they should be. This confusion leads them to try to turn themselves into someone they look up too, but what is not understood is that you cannot be anyone except for yourself, so when our upcoming generation tries to morph themselves into someone else, they will be unsuccessful with that. Then they are in a place of even more confusion because they are not themselves, yet they are not who they are trying to be either leaving them feeling out of bodied and confused. With this understanding, Austiage realized that no one is born with a sense of who they are or who they will be, but what everyone is born with are different passions. She realized that if we give everyone the opportunity to pursue their passions they will find themselves creating both confidence and individuality. Austiage's young age allowed her to relate to the upcoming generation, as she is part of them. Their struggle is the same as her struggle. 

Austiage decided to create the change that she wanted to see in happen in her generation and every generation after that. She wanted to see people finding themselves. She wanted everyone to have a passion. It was then that she came up with two words Star and Individuality. Two already powerful words that when joined would become an even more powerful statement. The explanations of when you own your individuality you become a star, a Star Individuality.  Little did she know that those two words and that one statement that she created would go on to make a difference in many lives. 

In 2014, Star Individuality became public as it gained it's 501(c)(3) status where it went from a statement to a foundation. The Star Individuality Foundation due to its vision of wanting to give everyone the opportunity to be their true selves through the simple task of allowing children and young adults to pursue their passions through having the resources to express their true selves through creativity and motion. 

That moment when The Star Individuality gained its non-profit status was such a major accomplishment for the organization. It was a confidence creator because an idea that had become a dream had finally become reality. The star Individuality Foundation is humbled and proud of what we have accomplished so far, but we are even more eager to see what the future holds and how many more of our dreams we can create into a reality.